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“Archery Fit” Ep.3 Shot Timing | Bow Life TV

Bow Shot Timing With Levi Morgan  On today’s segment of Archery Fit brought to you by MTN OPS, I talk about shot timing!  Timing is very important in your shot sequence. Repetition in archery is what it is essentially all about. Consistency is critical. I define shot timing as the time you come to full […]

“Archery Fit” Ep.1 How To Serve a Bow String | Bow Life TV

How To Serve a Bow String   Welcome to “Archery Fit” a segment of Bow Life TV brought to you by MTN OPS. On today’s episode, I walk you through serving a bow string.  Learning how to serve a bow string will not only increase the longevity of your strings and cables but make you […]