Samantha was born in south west Pennsylvania Started shooting a bow at 8 years old. Her Dad was a bow hunter, and they used archery as a way to spend time together. Samantha picked up her first bow at the age of 8 and started competing by age 10! She won five tournaments in one year as a semi-pro, then moved up to pro in her senior year of high school. Since then she has been competing at the elite level. Sam had success at a very young age at archery and grew to become one of the best women archers to ever play the game.

Samantha started bow hunting at 17. It wasn’t until 2006 when she met her future husband Levi Morganthat her passion for hunting really took off. Since then she has experienced just as much success in the field as she did in competition. With a 4-year-old boy Landon and another boy on the way, Samantha wants to use archery as a way to spend time as a family as she did when she was a kid. Bow Life TV now gives her and Levi the opportunity to move forward in carrying out their passion, share it with others, and share it with their growing family!