“Archery Fit” Ep.6 Compound Bow Stabilization | Bow Life TV

Bow Stabilizer Weight and Balance Ratio for Compound Bows

On this episode of “Archery Fit” fueled by MTN Ops, I quickly run through how to weight your bow and touch briefly on compound bow stabilization.  Every archer shoots differently and as a result, each individual bow and shooter require their own balance ratio. I set my balance ratio by observing how much pressure I put on the back of the bow. Essentially the harder I pull, the more weight I need on the front bar. If you have a very light front bar on a high let-off setup and you pull hard on the backend of the bow, your pin will simply float wildly and an accurate shot will prove very difficult to make. In this instance, you would need to add weight to the front of the bow stabilizer in order to balance the bow. On the other hand, if you are a very relaxed and static shooter like I am, too much weight could cause the bow to dip periodically while aiming.

With Bee Stinger bow stabilizer weight systems you can really play with the amount of weight you have on the front of your bow. You can add weight ounce by ounce to your bow stabilizer until you achieve the perfect balance.  When it comes to bow stabilizer weight and the balance ratio, analyze what kind of shooter you are first, then evaluate the weight you place on the front of your bow.

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