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Landon Morgan’s First Deer

Youth Hunting Success | Landon Morgan’s First Deer Hunt Isn’t it amazing how fast the years can pass by, especially when you’ve got kids at home? Add in work and a little play, and the years just seem to keep rolling by faster. But they say time flies when you’re having fun, so we must be having a lot of […]

The Ethical Bow Hunting Shot

Bow Hunting Tips | Ethical Bow Hunting Shots Hunting is not a right, but a privilege and one that hunters must protect by hunting and shooting responsibly. The harvesting of game means the taking of a life and that must be done swiftly and as humanely as possible. The shot must be accurate, properly placed and ethically taken. […]

2018 Browning Strike Force | Trail Camera Review

2018 Browning Strike Force Pro XD Trail Camera Review Trail cameras have become the cornerstone to every hunter’s scouting game.  Their invention has allowed hunters to learn greater detail about their game, adjust their plan accordingly, and simply hunt more efficiently. This has led to improved success across the board.  Every hunter can benefit from the data they gain from a trail camera. However, just like with any technology, not […]

“Archery Fit” Archery Tips | Single Versus Multi Pin Bow Sights

Single Versus Multi Pin Bow Sights Today’s selection of bow sight options offers the bow hunter the ability to select just the right sight for their needs. When selecting a bow sight it is best to use a step by step process based on the intended purpose and end use. The first decision is for what purpose is the sight intended, […]

“Archery Fit” Archery Tips | The Importance of a Square Nock End

 The Importance of a Square Nock End While today’s arrow shafts are extremely consistent compared to those manufactured just a few short years ago they are still a manufactured product and like any product subject to manufacturing tolerances. One of the advantages of fletching your own arrows is the fact that you have more control over the quality of the finished […]

“Archery Fit” Archery Tips | Fletching Arrows

Fletching Arrows | Fletching Jigs, Helical, and Offset Vanes A direct comparisons can be made between a hand loaded rifle shell and an arrow when it comes to accuracy and group size. We all know rifle shooters who obsess over the combination of bullet weight, shape, design, amount of power, primers, built-up pressures, trajectories, and various combinations of all when seeking the ultimate load for a particular rifle. An […]

Archery Fit Archery Tips | Centering Nocking

Center Nocking and Tuning a New Bow Setting up a new bow is always a challenge and can at times be frustrating. The best approach is to make the process as simple as possible and minimize the frustration by developing a step by step procedure to use as a guide. Tuning a New Bow The […]

10 Shooting Details to Focus on Improving this Summer

Archery Tips | 10 Things To Work On This Summer With warmer temperatures and longer days, summer is the ideal time to focus on some of the finer details of your archery shooting performance. Summer bow practice is common place for any bow hunter, but focusing on specific details could drastically improve your performance. From […]

How to Properly Anchor Your Bow: The 3 Point Process

Archery Tips | A Consistent Anchor Point Whether it’s for competition or for hunting, a consistent anchor point is a crucial component to shooting your best. Accurate shooting is repetitive shooting, and to be repetitive, you need to have an archery form that you can repeat subconsciously. This means knowing how to properly anchor your bow. There are three main components when developing a consistent anchor point: release-to-hand […]

How Competition Archery has Made Me a Better Bow Hunter

Transitioning from Competitive Archery into Bow Hunting Being a competition shooter has no doubt made me a better hunter. Every week I compete, I’m faced with the same pressure I experience during that decisive moment of a hunt. The stress of shooting at a deer’s vitals is the same I experience trying to keep myself together when shooting that final arrow in competition. The level of preparation […]